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Guidelines Product Finder App
Guidelines for Shopify enables merchants to easily create gift guides, product finders, quizzes and product recommendations that increase sales and drive conversions.
Confident & informed customers = more sales!

With Guidelines, you'll understand your shoppers needs and provide them with an in-store salesperson experience providing tailored product recommendations on what they should buy.

Drive More Sales
You are the expert. Use your expertise to solve your customers problems and guide them to their ideal product match.
Earn Shoppers Trust
Show, tell and sell. Guidelines product finders help you earn shopper confidence, and keep it long after they buy. Confident customers = more sales.
Enable an In-store experience... digitally
Create a personal, 1-on-1 conversation with your shoppers. They’ll tell you what they need, and Guidelines product finder & quizzes will provide  product recommendations based on their interests.

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Key Features & Benefits

Guidelines brings the power of "guided shopping" to Shopify in a powerful, feature-rich, easy to use app.
Drive Discovery

Create unlimited gift guides, product finders and quizzes to create a curated and personalized shopping experience that walks customers through a series of questions (that you develop) to recommend the perfect products.

It is a great way to educate customers about your product offerings and showcase your expertise.

Mobile Commerce

Guidelines product finders and quizzes are built for the age of the multi-device and multi-channel shopper. Be there for them on any device, and look great while doing it.

The Guidelines admin also works seamlessly within the Shopify Mobile App to allow quick changes or review of analytics on the go!


Analytics feature provides insight into session, view and click rate data with a focus on each individual step and answer.

Leverage the click path report to get valuable insights into each lead's journey to help personalize your sales approach.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic (or sometimes called branch logic) supports displaying different questions based on customer's previous answers providing increased flexibility and control of your finder & quizzes, leading to higher completion rates, conversions and sales.


Get detailed click path information from your customer's journey sent directly to your inbox.

Notifications enable receiving email summaries for all engagements, engagements with lead capture information or engagements when 0 product recommendations where displayed.

Lead Capture

Lead capture functionality provides the ability to add form fields (email, name, phone and newsletter) within your finder to solicit valuable lead & contact information.

Captured leads are available in the new report table allowing you to view, edit, delete and export the data(CSV) as needed

Try Guidelines for Free.

Set up is easy. Start recommending products right away.